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FAQ stands for “frequently asked questions” and an FAQ page is included on our website to allow questions to be asked and answered in a public forum.
Every time a customer asks us a question, we decide whether it is something that other customers may ask or find interesting and useful to know.
1Can I install my windows myself?
To preserve your qualities, the best should be properly installed by the specialists. If it is found that these conditions are not installed, this can cause damage not only in the window but also in your home. Your BazaNova window warranty will also be void if the window is incorrectly installed.
2How long does it take to install the window?
The time required to complete the installation of the replacement windows depends on various factors. During retraction, you begin to visualize the type of purchase you require from the back-up facility. Our specialist may have given you an estimate of the duration of the project.
3How much will it cost to install the window?
The exact cost of installing the windows will depend on the type of location and location of the installation. For some specific objects and fittings, additional lifting equipment is required. Contact us to view and invite a free quote.
4How will the window fit on the walls? Will I have to repaint the inner or outer walls?
Installing the window will be done with the utmost care and respect for the property. Our installers take precautions to prevent damage to your home. Provide the solution you want for completing the order and painting damaged after disassembly / installation. Consult BasaNova for any finishing work on your repair.
5Who is responsible for throwing out my old windows after a change?
The cleaning and disposal of the old ones is necessary to do as you like.
1After installation
- the cleaning is done with a soft damp cloth without damaging the surface of the profiles
- protective patches should be removed no later than one month after installation.
2Maintenance of mechanisms
- Periodically, the mechanisms must be cleaned of dust and abrasive elements. Also lubricated with a suitable lubricant.
3Supplying the seals
- the seals should be cleaned periodically and, if necessary, returned to the channels from which they have come out
4Proper use
- the shackles are placed exactly in one of the three positions: horizontally, vertically up, vertically down.If the handle is in the intermediate position it is possible to damage the mechanism when opening the window
- Window cleaning must be regular. Use non-aggressive detergents and a soft cloth. Apply the overlay coating layer.
1Why is condensation inside the windows?
Internal condensation is usually not a problem with windows. This is the result of a variety of factors inside or outside the home and the municipality that occur in the winter.
2Why do I have condensation on the outside of the windows?
External condensation is not a problem with windows. This is the result of various factors inside or outside the home and general lines. It is possible that the glazing is not properly selected for the type of room and the window display.
3My window sticks. What is wrong?
Different factors can cause the window to stick. For PVC windows, it is usually a dirt accumulation or a lack of reduction in the place where the liquidation takes place. It is also possible for the sash to hang and not to function properly.

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