ProfiLink PVC Windows Systems

Profilink has embraced quality as its strategy for further development.

Profilink Classic

» High sound insulation, ensuring peace and quiet in your home.

» High quality PVC material resistant to moisture, pressure change and acid rain

» Elegant design

» Rich color pallet

"Profilink Classic" is a 4-chamber system with a depth of profile of 60 mm for the production of high-quality PVC windows. The toasted system is distinguished by the optimal combination of quality and price, which allows an economical solution for energy savings with excellent performance.

» Construction width - 60mm;

» Number of cameras - 4:

» Coefficient of thermal conductivity - 1.4 W / m2K.

Profilink Premium

» Stable system with excellent thermal insulation characteristics
» High sound insulation, providing peace and tranquility in your home
» High-quality PVC material resistant to the external environment
» Smooth surface of profiles
» Elegant contour
» The use of special enhancers ensures high stability of the structure
» Possibility for single glass and double glazing
» Thickness of the glass pane - 24 mm. and 30 mm
"Profilink Premium" is a 5-chamber system with 70 mm profile depth for producing high-quality PVC windows. This system stands out with its beautiful design and the ability to renovate old windows (with the Renovation box), as well as to install windows without the need for finishing (with the Zet box).

» Design width - 70mm
» Number of cameras - 5
» Special enclosure for reinforcing metal
» Coefficient of thermal conductivity - 1.3 W / m2K
» Sound insulation index - 32 dB

Profilink Slide

» This system is characterized by excellent quality, modern design and competitive price.

» Offers new opportunities regarding the useful area in the room.

» The profile design follows market trends as well as the already rounded contours of Premium, Lux and Classic.
» The standard elements of the hardware are adjustable and come with a locking and anti-burglary protection.

» The system is designed to complete with the available standard Profilink’s glass holders, enabling it to build modules with triple and double glazing, as well as with single glass, i.e. there is no need to maintain additional stocks.

» The Sliding System includes a profile that allows the adaptation and to the standard 70 mm Premium system. This allows numerous architectural combinations of sliding and standard opening, economical solutions, space and money saving.