To achieve the highest goals, we offer you a comprehensive and highly developed range of services to find the best solution.

View & Consultation

Our specialist will advise you free of charge on site. The service includes:
Taking dimensions
Preparation of a tender and contract
Individual consultation with a proposal for your project
Choose a solution of a kind of material and a suitable system according to your wishes
Selection of additional elements and explanations for the maintenance of the joinery in your home

Export Request

We strive to be as expeditious as possible in servicing our customers.
In our office you can be serviced in 4 languages - English, French, Italian, Russian. Make sure that the specification and dimensions of the windows on your inquiry are in the final phase. Especially if you are pressed by terms in your construction. Each inquiry is processed technologically and priced before a bid is sent to you. Changes to your query lead to the entire process of counting over and over again. After you send your query to the joinery specifications, you will receive an email or phone call from our office for details. Please leave contact information and shipping address to get the right offer.


Exact production sizes are required by our specialist
of the quality of the joinery, the incorrect installation leads to problems and defects soon afterwards. We recommend that the installation be carried out by specialists. We have well-trained installers with many years of experience. We perform window-shrink service as well as any finishing work before and after installation (dismantling of metal frames, dismantling of old glazing, old windows, removal of old windows, disposal of waste after installation). The activities before and after the installation of the joinery are subject to an additional offer.


Our standard payment terms are:
50% advance on contract
Delivery up to 3 days before installation or export date

We also offer specific payment terms for larger quantities, and for construction companies, our regular customers.


The joinery has a life of more than 20 years.

However, this is related to proper use and regular technical support. We issue a warranty card and a certificate of the joinery installed by us.

Guarantee of profiles and glass packages 5 years under BDS
2 years warranty on the mechanisms and seals

Manufacture & Delivery

The delivery time depends mainly on the type of system and the selected profile color or type of glazing. Standard colors and glass packages have a faster delivery time. Usually standard windows can be produced up to 10 workstations. Upon a timely payment of packed and palletised window frames for another week, it can be anywhere in Europe. When making changes to the order at the customer's request, this deadline may change as well as the final price.