Aluminum Sliding Systems

Thermal Break Aluminum Slyding System & Non-Thermal break Aluminum Slyding System

Non-thermal break - 28mm

Low-end budget system for sliding windows.
Profile width 28mm and possibility for double and triple rails.
Suitable for partitioning indoors or outdoors without high thermal insulation requirements
Glazing options - 20mm or single glass

Aluminium sliding system with thermal break - from 60mm

Budget system with good thermal insulation and slight movement.
Frame width from 60 to 120 mm and leaf width from 37 to 50 mm
Glazing capacity from 28mm to 34mm - double glazing
Clean design system suitable for both internal and external partitions

Aluminium lift & sliding system with thermal bridge - from 100mm

High-end system for sliding windows
Frame width from 100-160mm and wing width from 50 to 70mm
Glazing capacity from 38 to 55mm - double and triple glazing
High-class system for sliding windows with large dimensions and weight up to 400kg. on the wing

Aluminium sliding system with Innovative design

Designed for large window gauges and maximum room illumination
Aluminum sliding with minimal profile height and maximum clearance
Wingspan up to 4000mm and weight up to 700kg
Possibility for glazing up to 54mm, Uw> = 0.9 W / m2K

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