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We produce, export and install EU certified Aluminum and PVC windows and doors, exterior and interior blinds with subsequent maintenance and 5 years warranty on the technical characteristics of the material. We maintain a rich variety of products and we work together with established European producers.

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BazaNova is a trusted brand

We directly participate in the business activity, which guarantees the high quality of the products and good servicing. We want to continue developing, that’s why we constantly approve and expand our activity and we aim to a maximum satisfaction of our customers and partners` demands.


To achieve the highest goals, we offer you a comprehensive and highly
developed range of services to find the best solution.

Systems & Partners. Future starts today.

At our core, we’re passionate about crafting beautiful windows and doors. We build to the highest quality standards so you get the best performance and reliability in the business, plus the ability to personalize the look and feel you want.

Frequently asked questions

1How do I find dealers in my area?
BazaNova has partners all over Europe. All of them are proud to offer the most beautifully crafted, best built and energy efficient products available in the market today. Please use the contact page for further information.
2Can I instal my windows myself?
To maintain their industry-leading performance, BazaNova windows need to be installed square and level, with a suitable water barrier. If your windows are not installed with these requirements, as a professional would do, it may lead to damage to not only your window, but additionally to your home. Your BazaNova window warranty will also be voided if the window is improperly installed.
3How are BazaNova windows installed?
Your BazaNova windows will be installed by highly trained and certified BazaNova installers that will ensure that your installation is done properly. Windows can be installed in either a full frame or insert replacement process depending on how much damage is surrounding your old windows. For optimal performance, BazaNova recommends a full frame replacement. BazaNova does not recommend our products be installed by an uncertified professional. If you choose to install yourself, it is important to note BazaNova does not distribute direct to homeowners, so you will still need to contact a dealer to purchase your windows.
4How long does window installation usually takes?
The time it takes to complete the installation of your replacement windows depends on some different factors. How long it takes for the removal of your old window, the kind of window you purchased, whether any additional equipment is required or any issues with the property will all affect the duration of installation. Your certified installer should be able to give you an estimate on how long the project will take.
5How much will window installation cost?
The exact cost of a BazaNova window installation will depend on the kind of window you purchase and the type of installation needed. Furthermore, the area where you live will affect the cost. The energy efficiency of the windows will help you save on utility bills, making the overall cost less in the long run. Contact us for a free estimate.

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